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As an approved supplier to the four UK Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) NET CS is authorised to design and deploy coverage solutions for any end client. We aim to offer a full suite of products from single room domestic coverage to full size cell towers and everything in between.

Whether your need is indoor or outdoor, temporary or permanent; NET CS has a solution to suit. The first step with any project is to understand your needs, and we offer a free initial consultation, either in person or by telephone and email exchange.

What We Do

NET's expertise are in consult, design, acquisition, structural and civil engineering, LPA planning, end to end programme management, site construction and long term maintenance of cellular coverage solutions.

This level of expertise enables NET to successfully acquire, design, build and maintain all varieties of connectivity  solutions throughout the UK and overseas.

Introducing Cel-Fi Pro

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Cellular as a Service

As people expect great service everywhere and the demand for data grows exponentially year on year, in turn the demand for coverage solutions is rapidly growing. In order to fulfil this demand solutions are now being deployed by end users, rather than the mobile operators, who were historically the main driver and would often pay or contribute towards the cost such a solution. Today things are changing with more and more schemes being self funded as operator funding is typically reserved for high footfall locations and transport hubs. 

NET are pioneering a new approach to coverage solutions, both internal or external through our "managed service" model. The idea is that we can facilitate more coverage solutions by changing the way we look at them. Through this model we offer great cellular coverage, designed, installed, managed and maintained for a fixed cost per month avoiding the high capex outlay these types of solutions can often command. 

Mobile Coverage Problems
Need NET Coverage Solutions

Have you ever wondered why you, your staff and your customers sometimes struggle with mobile phone coverage inside your premises? A combination of construction materials and radio frequency properties conspire to prevent good signal reaching inside the building.

What can you do about it? Design and install a coverage solution and invite the operators to connect their base stations to it.

Why should you do anything about it? Not only you and your staff, but your customers will benefit from full connectivity via their mobiles.

As an approved supplier to the four UK operators (EE, Vodafone, O2 and 3) NET Coverage Solutions Ltd can survey your premises; design an approved and legal system, install and maintain the system. Then bring the operators on board

Special Coverage Solutions

NET has considerable experience in all types of coverage solutions and technologies including BTS and Repeater based systems, SpiderCloud and LAN based solutions, Small-Cell deployment including Femtocells and Metrocells, rapid deployment, VIP and temporary coverage and rural coverage solutions

From initial evaluation surveys to commissioning, and every step in between, NET can provide bespoke services to operators, landlords, property developers, and private clients

Macro DAS

What is a reluctant landlord likely to need which could be facilitated by an operator?

What does an Operator need that could be facilitated by a landlord?

What is the common ground to satisfy the needs of an operator and the needs of a Landlord?

With the increasing reliance on mobile cellular services, it’s in a landlords interests to have good cellular in-building coverage. Quality in-building coverage will not only add to the desirability of their building but should also enhance the value.

More network capacity is required by the operators and the implementation of more macro rooftop sites is needed.

Macro DAS - NET’s new approach to macro acquisition & NTQ negotiation. The operators need more Macro sites and the landlords or business owners need quality in-building coverage. By offering a solution where both are deployed there can be a trade off where landlords get great cellular in-building coverage and the operators can get a macro rooftop giving them the capacity they need.

NET is the only consultant in the UK, providing both in-building and external Macro coverage acquisition, design and build services in-house and so can provide a complete end-to-end solution regardless of the technology and coverage required.

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Canal & River Trust

NET has secured the exclusive rights to market and provide all Acquisition, Design and Construction Services for all wireless radio sites deployed on the Canal & River Trust's (formerly British Waterways) extensive portfolio throughout England, Scotland & Wales.

Church of England

NET has an unrivalled reputation throughout the Church of England and possesses unparalleled expertise in the church related requirements needed to progress proposals through PCC, DAC and the Faculty approval process. In doing so, NET has a complete and thorough understanding of the stringent guidelines laid down by all the amenity societies including English Heritage, and the protocols and good practices recommended by the Archbishops' Council.

Our Clients

NET has built a reputation for excellent service within the telecoms arena and we can boast that we work with a very wide range of clients across a number of fields. 

We are an approved Acquisition, Design and Construction services supplier to EE, Vodafone, Three, O2, CTIL, MBNL, Ericsson, UK Broadband, Airwave Solutions and BT.


Our Partners

In addition to the mobile phone operators NET provide the design and implementation services associated with Cable & Wireless Worldwide incoming site share installations. 

NET also work closely with Canal & River Trust, Church of England, Commscope, Cobham, iBWave, Anixter, Zinwave, Huawei, GVA Bilfinger and other telecoms consultants.


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