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  • "What a fantastic way to end the week and pre the start of the Christmas Holiday. Our supplier Net Coverage Solutions pulls the Rabbit from the hat............. 


    Our special thanks must go to the NET boys for their sheer determination and so rising to the challenge, regardless of the hour or distance"

    Vodafone Corporate Demand Lead .
  • “NETCS are an approved installer of SpiderCloud Wireless and have been designing and installing systems for approximately 2 years . They have worked across the range of SpiderCloud Wireless Enterprise target sites (>3000 sq metres) in a range of vertical markets including Banking, Insurance, Government, Retail & Technology. They have operated in a variety of secure locations and differing building types (Grade 1&2 listed/new-build/manufacturing/mixed use) and have consistently delivered a quality, on-time service with high customer service satisfaction levels.” 

    Tim Garfoot, Sales Director- Europe, SpiderCloud 
  • "Now that the dust has settled, and we have entered a period of calm before the Paralympics, I wanted to share with you our view of the Olympic Programme and the part you played in the infrastructure delivery phase. 


    ………………As a delivery team, we delivered on everything we planned to. We now know that the infrastructure that we designed, acquired, built and integrated has held up exceptionally well over the period of the Games, and helped us meet one of the company’s core objectives – to provide a great network for the Games. 


    I would like to extend my personal thanks to each of you for the time, effort, passion, dedication and professionalism that you have given during the course of this programme. We cut it fine – a whole lot finer than I would have wished!! Having you on the case for the OHC back-up system was crucial, and in the end you helped us deliver ground-breaking, industry leading capabilities, which in turn delivered superb service for our customers. 


    In the meantime - many, many thanks to each of you."

    Networks Authority – Olympics 
  • “Thank you both. 


    A difficult situation handle very professionally by your company. Really appreciate your efficiency. Wish there were more companies and individual like you.”

    Erick Kervaon
  • “Following our event on Monday I wanted to say a personal thank you for your teams time in supporting and making it a fantastic success. 


    We had in the region of 300-350 attendees during the day who were not only very interested but engaging too asking lots of relevant questions. 


    So far it’s very positive feedback and of course we have many learnings too should we progress with a larger company wide event at a later date. 


    Please can you pass this thanks onto your teams for me. ”

    Networks Technical Manager
  • “Many thanks 


    Incredible turn around. 


    I don't know how you do it, you never fail to deliver and in record time. Thank you”

    Vodafone Corporate Demand Lead 
  • “Just to add, the speed at which this has become BAU allowing me to focus on other projects has really impressed me – great team work all round!”

    Telefónica Corporate Provisioning Manager
  • “Now that we have got through the initial settling-in phase, I wanted to say that we are very pleased and impressed with the way you have dealt with matters to date. 


    From our point of view, it has been a very smooth transition and everything has been done in accordance with our process - quickly and efficiently. 


    Things are so well-managed currently that it negates the need for a weekly progress call, but I feel it would be beneficial to have a call once a month, just so we can pick up anything of concern and/or talk about anything that may be coming your way. We’ll set this up if you are in agreement. 


    Please pass on my thanks to your team. ”

    Telefónica Corporate Delivery Project Manager
  • “Words fail me on this one as thank you doesn’t seem to cut it…………….. 


    This customer has been top of on my books hit list now for over 18 months, when we first deployed closed sure signal at their offices , then open sure signal, then XXXXXXXXXX deployed a Macro in the vicinity to replace the NTQ whose footprint then didn’t cover them, hence then the Pico. 


    I will be buying a large bottle of champagne this weekend and will raise a glass or three to you and all in NET, especially to Alan who also worked on this with me earlier in the year. 


    Thanks again guys, you rock! ”

    Networks Authority 
  • “It has been such a full on rush this week, more so today and I didn’t get the time to personally thank you for your brilliant work on the very short notice ask for the- MSS Live / Forecast for this FY. 


    The detail you sent was an absolute god send and your efforts did not go unrecognised within Vodafone Senior Management. 


    As always you really are a true asset to NET and the team and I have no doubt that this is already well known within the business. 


    I wanted to make sure you knew from me. ”

    Networks Authority, Corporate Coverage Domain Lead 
  • “I would just like to offer my personal thanks to NET for pulling out all of the stops in getting XXXXXXX (XX XXXXXX XXXXXX) live on schedule. I would also like to single out one of your team in particular and offer a special thank you to XXXXX XXXXXXX, who throughout the entire process worked tirelessly to ensure that the scheme went live on the committed date, keeping me regularly updated throughout, she made my life much easier 


    Please extend Vodafone’s appreciation to your wider teams ”

    Planning & Design Manager – London 
  • “I would just like to thank you for your assistance in the successful temp deployment at XXXXXXXXXXX. As you are aware, this 4G upgrade was deployed at the last minute and needed all you support to make it happen. As usual, you delivered for us! 


    The XXXXXXXXXX marketing team enjoyed a fantastically successful event, and that is largely due to your efforts. They have also asked me to pass on their gratitude. 


    Please forward my thanks to everyone involved. ”

    Networks Authority 
  • “Over the past 3 weeks I’ve ask NET to deliver 4 x Cell Enhancers to 4 x retail stores at very short notice. 


    You may be aware that there is a huge push in XXXXXX at present to open up new stores as part of the network improvement work stream. Under the new rules stores cannot open if there is no coverage within the building. 


    Retail notified us of 2 stores without coverage that needed resolving. We had 3 days’ notice which was tight and your guys scrambled themselves, sourced the kit and went to site and delivered coverage in both in time for the opening. 


    I know that this normally happens and we can take it for granted. However there’s a story behind these 2. They were part of a batch of 70 that were to open on 1st Nov and these were to be announced to the city. 3 days out we only had 68 that could open and these 2 stores were ready apart from the coverage. The fact that you guys delivered allowed the stores to open on time and ensured that the CEO could announce the 70 as planned to the City and did not have to make excuses for missing the number. The Head of Retail development has sent me this: 


    Hi XXXXX and the team 


    I just wanted to say a massive thank you for getting this delivered for us. Turning this around in the tight timeframes was impressive to say the least. 


    Please thank everyone involved. 


    A 3rd store was identified and this time we gave you the luxury of less than 24 hours-notice. Again NET delivered and the store opened. I believe this is the quickest that a CE has been deployed. Head of Retail development again sent a message: 


    Amazing result, Guys, I have to say, I never ever realised we could do this kind of stuff and I am in awe! 


    I have fed back to the GMT how impressed I am. 


    Thank you so much 


    The 4th one was delivered with 2 weeks’ notice and on time. 


    I obviously say thank you to Tim as we pass during our working day. However I hardly ever see the rest of the team and the guys who make it happen. Can you pass on our thanks to all involved in these deliveries and just let them know that their hard work and ability to deliver challenging requirements is much appreciated and admired. ”

    Networks Authority
  • “Guys 


    I just wanted to say my personal thanks on this one – you delivered and we have rare praise from a very difficult customer and from the VGE Sales Director. Well done. ”

    Senior Manager Customer Solutions & Service Operations 
  • “I am the General Manager – shareholder of the XXXXXXXXX hotel. In the years I have been working I came across several hundreds of contractors for many different reasons. 


    I rarely came across someone like Nick, someone dedicated to do anything they can to make the clients life easier. Someone who is a true professional and will do anything to make sure the task is complete to perfection with no or minimum disruption to our business. 


    A problem has occurred yesterday in my hotel, nothing to do with Nick. Nick was as upset as I was about the situation, he has gone the extra miles to fix, help and support. 


    He is a true asset of your company. 


    The contract has been signed and returned! Great feedback from XXXXXXXXX, a big thank you to all 


    I have been in regular contact with your sub-contractors (NET) – by the way, I am impressed with their attitude & professionalism so far. I fully expect that we will have the Cell moved on time. The jury’s still out on the BT circuit, but NET will push this as hard as they can.”

    General Manager XXXXXXXXX hotel.
  • “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit. Excepturi, aspernatur, voluptatibus, atque, tempore molestiae sed modi a ullam sint adipisci rerum vel praesentium voluptas deserunt veniam provident culpa sequi veritatis.”“I just wanted to drop you a note to highlight the outstanding performance achieved by some of your team members over the last couple of months... I have a number of clients that have coverage schemes progressing but I am mainly referring to XXXXXXX. 


    As we all know the XXXXXX and the projects have proved challenging over the last couple of months and the demands, timescales and changes submitted by XXXXXXXXXX have proved difficult. All of the teams in my in my opinion have worked above and beyond to try and satisfy the customers live dates. The customer proved tricky over the Christmas period by not having people available or completing their dependencies but the teams continued to do work a rounds to still achieve the dates or as close too.. I am sure we all know the challenges we have been faced so I am not going to repeat them. I just want to highlight the people who have been involved who I think have been outstanding. ”

    National Account Manager, Global Accounts
  • “Last week was a bit of a landmark for me, in so much that I had 3 coverage solutions go live last week! 


    So a huge thank you to all involved, and of course to NET for immaculate communication, expectation setting, and delivery! ”

    National Account Manager, Global Accounts UK, Ireland & Nordics 
  • “A small note of appreciation and thanks for the first class dedication and focus that you and the NET team have provided recently………… 

    Your dedication and focus has ensured a successful outcome to date and as we progress and VGE Corporate Acct Teams and myself wish to offer our personal thanks. ”

    Corporate Domain Lead & Business Relationship Manager, Strategic Demand and Delivery, Vodafone 
    Customer Presales & Service, Vodafone Global Enterprise. 
  • “Great work everyone, it’s not very often that Account teams take the time to thank us so well done!!!”

    Networks Technical Manager
  • “As always, you’re guys really stand out. 


    XXXXXXX are a huge and sometimes complex customer, just want to remind you again of the good work that your guys carry out. ”

    Networks Specialist, NW – Coverage and Programmes
  • “NET turned around a miracle again for us. You will not know the history on this but we were in an awful position last week with this customer and NET turns up trumps again. ”

    Networks Specialist, NW – Coverage and Programmes




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