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As an approved supplier to the four UK Mobile Network Operators or MNOs NET CS is authorised to design and deploy coverage solutions for any end client. We aim to offer a full suite of products from single room domestic coverage to full size cell towers and everything in between.

Whether your need is indoor or outdoor, temporary or permanent; NET has a solution to suit. The first step with any project is to understand your needs, and we offer a free initial consultation, either in person or by telephone and email exchange.

Our service model takes a six step approach:

We always like to meet with any potential client to understand your needs, pain points and budget.

In order for the MNOs to consider joining any solution, they need to see results of a walk trial denoting their existing coverage levels. We also need to understand any external coverage which may be present to determine if a solution is appropriate. An attending engineer will walk or drive around the property, internally and externally, carrying a back pack which has multiple phones inside carrying out test calls on each network and across all technologies (2G, 3G and 4G).

All our designs are produced using industry standard software, and comply with the Joint Operators Technical Specification (JOTS) which ensures that it is compatible with all four MNOs. A design survey will be more intrusive than an existing coverage survey, seeking equipment location spaces, cable routes, and antenna mounting options. NET will seek both client and operator approval for any such design produced. We work with a variety of vendors to ensure that a solution is the most practical, commercial and technical offering. 

Carried out at times most convenient to the client, our mix of in house and subcontract installation teams will deploy the equipment, cables and antennas. Once the infrastructure has been completed, a test signal will be passed through and the site walk tested to ensure optimum performance meets the design.

The cooperation of the MNOs is a critical path to success. As such, we would engage with them as early in the process as possible, ensuring buy-in, design input (where necessary) and agreement on the size of base station required for chosen technologies. Once a legal agreement has been signed (either between NET and the customer, or the MNOs and the customer) the base station equipment can be deployed and connected to their network.

As part of the legal agreements, most MNOs will expect to see some form of maintenance contract in place between NET and the customer. This can be tailored to suit usage and expectations, from daily to 24/7 and includes annual visits, as well as reactive attendance in times of fault.

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