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Design - Special Projects/ Points of Interest

NET has designed and installed over 150 Special Projects/Points of Interest coverage solutions either single or multi operator, ranging from small single sector multi op deployments, within the public areas of an exclusive hotel chain, right up to large multi op high density, high sectorised stadia.

When it comes to designing coverage solutions for Special Projects/Points of Interest, usually locations with high footfall or special interest due to its function, you are often faced with an additionally unique set of challenges. NET’s design team draws upon its vast experience in order to overcome these when encountered. For example a large footfall stadium presents challenges around capacity handling and with the high dwell areas predominantly open, designing for the optimum radio environment can be complex and time consuming. We have a track record in delivering these types of solutions and have been commended for the performance achieved in such environments. By not simply following established practices we have the ability t push forward new and innovative approaches to overcome these types of challenges often being the first to do so in the UK.



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